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At Collective Sounds we love putting on gigs but we also love going to gigs! Anything from a local gig in Naas to Black Sabbath in the 3Arena! So we thought we’d start reviewing gigs that we’ve attended.

My love for music started in the 80’s, listening to Radio Luxembourg and waiting for the Top 10 every week to see who was number 1 in the charts! My 1st concert was Simple Minds in Croke Park in 1986 and there my love for live music began.

I have lost count of how many gigs I’ve been too, definitely in the 100s. I found just a few of my concert tickets lately and as you can see my taste in music is very varied!

Last Friday night, 9th July 2017, I went to see Eddie Vedder in the 3Arena. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been to. He came out to a standing ovation and you just knew it was going to be a great night. He played for over 2.5 hours and every song blew me away but Jeremy was the absolute highlight of the night for me. This was performed with The Red Limo String Quartet and it was the most amazing version of the song. It still gives me goosebumps thinking of it. He started off with 2 cover versions – Trouble by Cat Stevens and Brain Damage by Pink Floyd followed by a string of Pearl Jam songs including Sometimes, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a small town, I am mine. There were also covers from The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan. He found his grove talking to the audience and was telling stories about flying into Dublin with Glen Hansard, going for a pint with him in the Gravediggers! Glen Hansard joined joined him on stage for the last half hour (at least) and you could sense their great friendship. Eddie Vedder joining Glen Hansard for Falling Slowly was just amazing and then the rendition of The Auld Triangle. Brilliant!

There was a no phone rule at the gig and it was enforced! It was great to be at a gig where people didn’t spend the whole night watching through a screen.

Kings of Leon 3 Arena 1st July 2017

I will start by saying I am a huge KOL fan and this was my 4th time to see them! It should have been my 5th but Slane clashed with Man Utd in the Champions League Final. My other half refused to go to Slane as he wasn’t missing the match. Ours was not a happy house that day but needless to say I was happy that Utd lost!!

The only down side about the gig was that we were standing, I should know never to buy standing tickets when you’re 5ft 2″. My other half, who’s a foot taller than me, kept getting down to my level and laughing at my view. So I couldn’t see the stage let alone the band. I heard the set was amazing – I just about saw the side screens!

But it was a great set – 27 songs. There was no encore, no finale – they just rocked out 27 brilliant songs. That’s what I want in a gig! They started with ‘Over’ and ended with ‘Waste a Moment’ which are songs from their new album ‘Walls’, which I really like. They played songs from every album and for me the highlights were ‘On Call’ (which is my favourite KOL song), ‘Notion’, ‘Fans’, ‘Use Somebody’, ‘Pyro’, ‘Crawl’ and ‘Walls’ which Caleb Followill performed solo.

A great night though I wish I had been able to see the stage!!

U2 Croke Park 22nd July 2017

I saw U2 in Croke Park in 1987, I had just finished my leaving cert and that was our celebration. Tickets were £14, that was 3 weeks wages of my part time job! So I was thrilled when I heard they were playing again in Croke Park 30 years later. I have seen them play a few times over the 30 years, last time I saw them was in Slane in 2001 as part of the Elevation Tour. That was a great day!

At this gig I was sitting, on the top tier of the Hogan Stand which felt like miles from the stage! But it was great to soak in the atmosphere and see the whole stadium. Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds were the support act and they were brilliant. U2 came out onto a smaller stage in the crowd and rocked the crowd with their old stuff – Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year’s Day, Bad and Pride. The big screens weren’t on for those songs and people complained but I got why they did it, they wanted the music just spoke for itself which it did! They moved on to the main stage then and played the Joshua Tree album sequentially. I had forgotten how much I loved the whole album and how great a song Red Hill Mining Town is. The set was also amazing. Some people commented there was a lull after the ‘hits’ from The Joshua Tree were played but not where I was sitting. No one sat down for the entire set and everyone knew every word of every song. The encore started with Miss Sarajevo, then into Beautiful Day, Elevation, Vertigo, Ultra Violet (which was dedicated to great women), One and then they finished with The Little Things That Give You Away. I have to admit it was the only song I didn’t know. I know it’s a new song but I thought they could have finished with something stronger. That would be my only complaint of the night! It was an amazing night and great to hear The Joshua Tree in it’s entirety. The opening 4 songs on the smaller stage really stole the show.